Left Bank

Weird. magazine. Likes long walks on the beach // Abnormally loud music // Art galleries // Mosh pits // Your mom.

Andy Reed

Andy Reed is a professional drummer and music journalist, the author of the column “Before They’re Famous” and host of “On/off the Record with Andy Reed.” Hailing from Littleton, Colorado, Reed has recorded more than five EPs while in high school. He attended Franklin University Switzerland, meeting musicians around the world and playing shows in Italy, Germany, France, Thailand, Morocco and more. After returning stateside in 2017, Reed found himself playing drums and teaching drums at two School of Rock locations in Northern Virginia. When he isn’t recording, gigging or teaching, Andy is most likely reading a book with his beagle, listening to jazz on vinyl, adventuring with his girlfriend or jamming with his roommates.

Kristyn Potter

I started Left Bank Magazine in March of 2014, after spending 40+ hours a week working for a division of Sony Music, where I put my Journalism undergraduate degree and Masters of Media Communication to work. When I’m not writing about a bad date or the BEST NEW BAND EVER, I’m hanging out in my flat in Brooklyn, playing records on vinyl and throwing toys around the house with my dog Yoshi, the most adorable Shiba Inu you will ever meet.

Pasquale Liuzzi

Pasquale is a Connecticut-based drummer, writer, and promoter. He is a staple in the state's DIY scene. In addition to owning The Church in Hamden, CT, Pasquale books out most of the spaces in the state's network of underground venues. While attending the University of Connecticut, he developed a passion for bolstering the presence of music coming from his state and the Northeast in general. You can typically find him at a local show or with his head buried in his notebook, making plans to take over the world.

William Vogan

I graduated from a publishing course in 2016 and immediately moved to New York to work in editorial. I buzzed with excitement on the train into the city, but soon started drowning in the anxieties of starting a new life. Music is my most essential form of expression. Harmonies show me the beauty of what can be accomplished by humans working together. Lyrics express more than the words at a glance. The combination rages against internal and external demons and helps me feel satisfied when I’m having another manic episode at 4:00AM. And that’s why Left Bank Magazine. I want to find more music for myself. I want to find it for you. I want to share it for the musicians who create it.