The Mag

Launched Jan 1, 2019, Left Bank College is the sister site to Left Bank Magazine, and was created to serve as an online home and safe space of sorts for artists, musicians, writers, and creatives honing their craft while in college and university. The magazine takes direct inspiration from the Left Bank in Paris (if you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris, stop reading immediately and go watch this film, or go read Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast … actually do both for your sake).

We are here to expose underground and undiscovered collegiate artists on a global perspective—curating work while cultivating the concept that what is weird // expressive // controversial // alternative is integral for understanding and shaping culture.

We’ve been running Left Bank Magazine for almost five years now and have had a lot of great college-aged acts come through our doors, if you will. And while Left Bank College will curate art from talented creators in college, it was not created to segregate the age range of content that is featured on both of our sites. Rather, Left Bank College was created to establish a community–a place where you can find resources on things that we definitely didn’t learn in college, things like how to get a manager, what an A&R rep does, the best places to move after college to be an artist, how to get an LLC and why you might need one if you start freelancing.

Let’s discover, create, and celebrate various forms of art around the world. It’s all we have. //


  • The pieces that we feature are copyrighted under Left Bank Magazine, and pulling this work and/or plagiarizing not only makes you a terrible person, it also makes you a thief. Don’t steal. Create work of your own.
  • Left Bank Magazine serves to be a safe community for artists. Simply put, don’t be a jerk in the comments. Constructive criticism is helpful//encouraged, so please leave your negative comment at the door and figure out how to help the artist grow instead.
  • If we’ve posted something of yours that you want down, or want the credit to be changed, email us so we can attribute your work more appropriately. We are here for you and with you, never against.
  • Have fun. We are weird and cool and really creative- embrace that. You’ve found your internet home.