Before They’re Famous: A Column

About Before They’re Famous, with Andy Reed

Down here in the District of Columbia, the atmosphere is a different beast all together. Although I still consider myself to be a Westerner (hailing from a little town in Colorado called Littleton nestled outside the big city), living in the house of a northerner’s while the whole world waits for something to happen with one, blank stare was not exactly enough for me.

And so I play drums for two bands: New Order of Existence is one. Rhett Repko is the other. In effect, I am bipolar–divided between progressive grunge and pop rock. What a weird place to be in. Just to add the element of surprise, I’m also a journalist, schooled in the ways of the new and old media and spending four years in Switzerland working on a communications and media studies degree.

It was only recently that my music career has started to take off, where I’m spending nearly every day per week doing something musical as a career. Making rehearsals is tough enough for one band, but try rehearsals, studio sessions and gigs out-of-state on a weekly basis for months on end. It’s a dizzy life but you learn to embrace it. When passions meet the right producers, I knew that what I’ve always dreamt of was slowly becoming a reality.

The friends that I make music with, the new friends I form in the process…write the story so you can look back and say “I knew them before they were famous.” That is the central idea behind my column, “Before They’re Famous” that excelled at pulling in interviews from bands and artists that were enrolled in any college around the world for their chance to get some promotion for their upcoming release, music video, tour–you get the idea.