Sounds x Premiere: Banana Cream // We’ll Shine

Words by William

Banana Cream‘s “We’ll Shine” is a dreamy and ethereal lullaby. Its beeps and dings are the edge of falling asleep. You know that moment? You’re warm, surrounded and covered in blankets and pillows as you drift in and out of sleep. Reality gets a little fuzzy at that point — you’re in bed, but you’re somewhere else, too. You’re one foot in a dream.

For me, I get pulled back into a warm July day in 2013. I was sprawled out in the grass by a lake. Fish jumped, birds chirped, and kids laughed somewhere nearby while I read “Leaves of Grass.” This tune pulls me back to that moment, and the warmth of my bed can almost be mistaken for the warmth of the summer sun.

Banana Cream is the Commerce, California based lo-fi, bedroom music project created by multi-talented Will Gonzalez. He writes, records, mixes and produces for Banana Cream at his home studio.

Hear it below:

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William Vogan

I graduated from a publishing course in 2016 and immediately moved to New York to work in editorial. I buzzed with excitement on the train into the city, but soon started drowning in the anxieties of starting a new life. Music is my most essential form of expression. Harmonies show me the beauty of what can be accomplished by humans working together. Lyrics express more than the words at a glance. The combination rages against internal and external demons and helps me feel satisfied when I’m having another manic episode at 4:00AM. And that’s why Left Bank Magazine. I want to find more music for myself. I want to find it for you. I want to share it for the musicians who create it.

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